Custom Made



Custom Made Clothing


At Euro Cap Ltd, we offer a full design and production option for any clothing. We can create new styles from scratch or use an existing garment as the base for you design. With a large selection of fabrics and style's available, the sky is truly the limit.

We are not agents or middle men, we have our own family owned factories to ensure smooth transition between design and sample, and again between sample and production.

Be part of an ever increasing portfolio of clients. The brands that make the world go round, from your mobile phone provider, to the car you drive, the sat nav that gets you from A - B and the tools that make that car work.

The perfume your wife or girlfriend may wear or the gears that help you get up that hill on the bike you ride. Whilst travelling to work it could be the place you bought the book you read on the train or the paper that’s handed out free.

The weekend retreat, or your favourite football team, or the place your have a flutter. We have had a hand in many of these. So if you want your brand to join a World Class line up, give us a call!